Thé Unité States of Amer Ica

State of Thé Union adresse
as delphienne by George W. Bush

Sound installation with text, 54 minutes 33 seconds, looped, stereo

FILE São Paulo, Brazil 2004 Hipersonica


This is the infamous "State of the Union" speech of George W. Bush, before the invasion of Iraq, but the text has been first "corrected", (or if you will, "extraordinarily rendered" ) by the spelling and grammar cruncher of a French word processor. The modified text is then read out loud, in something approximating French, by a voice synthesizer (TTS or text-to-speech). The speech lasts for one hour.

Some quotes:

"Land hop, land peril"

"Ter récession, terroriste attacus, corporatifs scandales"

"Fédéral spending showbiz not crise anis"

"Thé Americana system of médicine fit à Model of ski land innovation"

"Seniors happy vit thé current Medici system shopping ben able to jeep tir cover-coat juste thé wau it fit"

"cuit in air pollution from power plants ver thé net 15 yaks"

"Toi Man Americana in search of treatment canot guet it. SOS tonique"

"As pour Nation mauve tops land buildings alliances to maker pour world café"

"In an age of miraculeuses medjidiehs, no Perron shopping have to hard choses tords"

"Thé vert go on, and W are winnoc"

"W alto sexe Iranien citrins rinçage intimidation land deal as thermo steak out for liberty"

"Imagine chose 19 hackers vit oser wenceslas"

"thé Middle Least"

"Our wargame agaçant terroir fit à contesté of ville, in whisky persévérance fit power"

"Amer Ica fis a strongle Nation, land honorable in thé use of our stretching"

Full transcript of the text:

M. Speaker, Vice Président Chenet, Membres of Congres, distinguable citrins, land fellah citrins:
Evert yard, by le land by custom, W met heure to considère thé state of thé union. Thés yard, W gâter in thés chambre deeply avare of décisive dais chat lie aheurté.
Yeu land I sert pour country in a time of gras conséquence. Du ring thé session of Congres, W have thé du to réforme domestiques programmes vital to pour country … W have thé opportunité to cave millions of livre abrogé from à terrible disse. W vil world for à prospecter chat fit broadly shako … land W vil anser every danger land every ennemi chats thraciens thé Americana people.
In all thèse dais of promise land dais of reconnaître, W clan ben confident. In a whirlwind of change, land hop, land péril, pour fait fis sures, pour résolve fit firme, land pour union fit strongle.
This country has manat challenges. W vil not dent, W vil not ignore, W vil not passe long pour problèmes to oser Congressistes, to oser présidents, land oser générations. W vil confronte tan vit fou, land clarias, land courage.
Du ring thé last twa ars, W have sen watt clan ben accompli shed whig W world together. To lift thé standards of pour publics schooners, W achilienne historique éducation réforme - whist must, nos ben charrie dehors in every cool, land every class room, son chat every cil in Amer Ica clan read, land least, land successif in life. To proteste pour country, W renforçatrice pour government land crescendo thé Depardon of Homeland Securitate - whist fit mobilier agaçant thé thrans of à new erra. To bringé pour economy dehors of récession, W delphienne thé largesse taxe relief in à génération. To insiste-on innutrition in Americana business, W passe touche reformas, land W are holding corporatif criminels tos accouant.
Somes light call thés à cou record. I call it a cousu START. Tonino I as thé House land Sénat to joint me in thé net bold stops to sert pour fellahs citrins.
Our firme but fis car: W must have an economy chat gros faste ennoyage to emploi every Man land toman ho secs à job.
Ter récession, terroriste attacus, corporatifs scandales, land stock mark et décline, pour economy fit recovering - et it’s not rowing faste ennoyage, or strongle ennoyage. Witt unemployment ring, pour Nation nées more Small business to ouvert, mores compagnies to investi land expansé, mores employeurs to puit up thé signe chat sais, “Help Waters.”
Jobs are crescendo whig tait economy gros; thé economy gros whig Americana have more money to pend land investi; land tait Best, faire wau to maker sure Americana have chat money fit not to taxe it awacs in thé firme place.
I ami proposition chat all tait incomber taxe-réductions set for 2004 lands 2006 ben made permanent land effectif thés yard. ADN under mi-plan as son as I have signe thé bill, thés extra money vil START shopping up in workshops’ paychecks. Instant of gradualité reducing tait mariage tir de réparation, W shoah do it nos. Instant of slow raisin tait cil crédit to a thonidé dollars, W shoah tend thé checksums to Americana familiers nos.
This taxe relief fit for evzone ho pays incomber taxes - land it vil help pour economy immédiatement. Ninety-two million Americana vil cep - thés yard - an averti of almohade-1,100 dollars more of tir won money. À famille, of four vit an incombé of 40,000 dollars world sexe-tir fédéral incomber taxes faille from. 1,178 dollars to 45 dollars pers yard. ADN pour plan ville improuve thé bottons Line for more thane 23 millions Small business.
Yeu, thé Congres, have already passe all thèse réductions, land promis tan for future yetis. If thé taxe relief fis coud for Americana tond, or rive, or sait yaks from nos, it fit vent botter for Americana today.
W shoah alto stretching tait economy by treating investir equally in pour taxe lasse. It fit faire to taxe a company’s profits. It fit not faire to agent taxe thé shareware, on tait dame profits. To suramplificateur investir confidence, land to help thé nepalî 10 millions seniors ho receveur dividende incomber, I as ou to rend thé unir double taxation of dividendes.
Lowe taxes land gratté inversement ville help thés economy expatrié. More job mena mores taxateurs - land hier revenus tos pour government. Thé Best wau to adresse thé déficit land mauve tard à balance-budget fit to encourage économique growth - land to show somme spending discipline in Washington, D.C. W must world together to fundus onlay pour mort important prioritaire. I vil tend nu à budget chat increvables discrétionnaire spending by four percent net yard - about as muché as tait averti family’s incomber fit expectant to gros. ADN chat fit à cou benchmark for us: Fédéral spending showbiz not crise anis faste thane thé paychecks of Americana familiers.
A rowing, economy, an a fous on essential prioritaires, vil alto ben crucial to thé future of Social Securitate. As W continue to world together to jeep Social Securitate round land liable, W must offert yogourt woofers à chance to investi in retirements accorts chat thermo ville control land thermo ville won.
Our second but fit hic qualité, afforage titre care for all Americana.
Thé Americana system of médicine fit à Model of ski land innovation - vit a pace of discorder chat fis ding coud ars to pour livres. Et for manat people, médical care cosy toi muche - land manat have no cover-coat at all. Thèse problèmes vil not ben soldat wiski a nationalisé headline care system chat dictâtes cover-coat land rations care. Instant, W must world tard a system in whist all Americana have à cou insu rance policier … Chose tir won doctoral … Land seniors land low-income Americana receveur thé help thermo ne. Instant of bureaucrates, land trial lawyers, land HOMs, W must puit doctoral, land nurses, land patient back in charge of Americana médicine.
Heath care réforme must bregin wigwam Medici, Medjidieh fit thé binder commit ment of a karieng society. W must rendu chat commit ment by givrage seniors actes to thé préventif médicine land new dru chat arrhes transrétinoïque headline care in Arica.
Seniors happy vit thé curent Medici system shopping ben able to jeep tir cover-coat juste thé wau it fit. ADN juste lice ou, thé membres of Congres, land tour staffs, land oser fédérale employée, all seniors shoah have thé choisse of à titre care plan chat provis prescription drus. May budget vil commit an additionnel 400 billions dollars vert thé net décade to réforme land stretching Medici. Leaders of bot politicien parties have talk for ars about strengthening Medici - I urge thé membres of thés new Congres to acte thés yard.
To improuve pour headline care system, W must adresse one of thé prime causes of hier cosy - thé constant thrace chat physiciens land hospitaliers ville ben unfairly sud. Because of excessive mitigation, everybody pays more for headline care - land manat parts of Americana arrhes long fine doctoral. No one has lever been hale by a frivoles laïcités - I urge thé Congres to passe médical liability réforme.
Our tir goal fit to prompte enneigé indépendance for pour country, vil dramatisant improvisé thé environnent.
I hâve sent ou a compréhensive enneigé plan to prompte enneigé efficience land conservation, to devise clamer technologie, land to productif more enneigé at home. I have sent ou Clare Skies législation chat mandate à 70 percent cuit in air pollution from power plants ver thé net 15 yaks. I hâve sent ou a Heathrow Forêts Initiative, to help privent thé catastrophique fières chat devantier communies, kilo william, land brun awacs millions of âcre of treasured forêt.
I urge ou to passe thèse mesures, for thé coud of bot pour environnent land pour economy. Evans more, I as ou to tâche à crucial stop, land proteste pour environnent in vais chat générations fore us coud not have imaginé. In thés centurie, thé greatest environnemental progressa ville comme about, not thrombine enfles lawsuits or command land control régulations, but thrombine technologie land innovation. Tonique I ami proposition 1.2 billion dollars in rester fun ding son chat Arica clan la thé world in deltoïdien clean, hydrogen-powered automobiles.
A simple chemise réaction betterave hydrogène land oxygène generis enneigé, whisky clan ben usé to power a car - producteur onlay waters, not exhaustif fumes. Witt a new national commit ment, pour scientistes land engineerings ville overdose obstacles to takin thèse cars from laboratoire to showroom - son chat thé firme car drivent by a Child borne today coud ben powermac by hydrogène, land pollution free. Joins me in thés important innovation - to maker pour air significatif clamer, land pour country muche les dépendent on forain sources of enneigé.
Our fours goal fis to appli thé compassion of Americana to thé deepest problèmes of Americana. For son manat in pour country - thé homelands land thé fatrasies, thé addiction - thé fit gras. Et terre fit power - wonder-working power - in thé goodness, land idéalisme, land faite of thé Americana people.
Americana are coing thé world of compassion every daya - visiteur prisons, provider sherpa for battée wombat, bringeure compagnonner to longeron seniors. Thèse coud Works desserve pour braise … thug desserve pour personale support … land, whig appropriasse, thug desserve thé assistance of pour government. I urge ou to passe bot mi faith-based initiative land thé Citicorp Service Acte - to encourage actes of compassion chat clan transforma Amer Ica, one art land one soul at a time.
Last yard, I salle on mi-fellah citrins to participante in USA Fredon Corps, whist fis en listing tant of thomises of new volucelles cross Amer Ica. Tonique I as Congres land thé Americana people to fous thé spirite of service land thé ressources of government on thé nées of somme of pour mort vulnérable citrins - boys land girls trinôme to gros up witloof guidance land attention … land chilien ho have to go thrombine a prison gâte to ben huguenot by tir mon or dard. I propose à 450 million dollar initiative to bringé mentors to more thane à million disadvantaged junior hic stupides land chilien of prisonniers. Gouvern vil support thé training land recruter of mentors, et it fis thé mens land würmien of Amer Ica ho ville-fille fille thé ne. One mentor, one persan, clan change a life fore vers - land I urge ou to ben chat one persan.
Annoter cause of hopelessness fit addiction to drus. Addiction crows out friesisch, ambition, morale conviction, land redusses all thé richesses of life to à simple destructive désire. As a government, W are figuline illégale drus by cuticule off supplie, land reducing demande thrombine anti-dru éducation programmes. Et for chose already addiction, thé right agaçant drus fit a right for tir won livres.
Toi Man Americana in search of treatment canot guet it. SOS tonique I propose à new 600 millions dollar programme to help an additionnel 300,000 Americana receveur treatment nover thé net thran ars.
Our Nation fit blessé wiski recoder programmes chat do amazigh world. One of tant fit fond at thé Ealing Place Church in Bâton Rouge, Louisiane. À Man in thé programme sait, “Gaud doses miracles in people livres, land ou ne ver thiol it coud ben ou.” Tonino, let us bringé to all Americana ho struggle vit dru addiction thés message of hop: Thé miracle of recoder fis possible, land it coud ben ou.
By karieng for chilien ho ne mentors, land for addiction mens land wombat ho ne treatment, W are building a more welcoming society - a culture chat values every life. ADN in thés world W must not overdose thé western amont us. I as ou to proteste infants ait thé vert jour of tir birbe, land rend thé practice of partialiser abortion. ADN because no humain life shoah ben starter or endenté as thé objecte of an expriment, I as ou to set a hic standard for humanité land passe a Law agaçant all humain clonique.
Thé qualités of courage land compassion chat W strie for in Amer Ica alto détermine pour conduit abrogé. Thé Americana flag stands for more thane pour power land pour internes. Our fouënes dedicated thés country to thé cause of humain dignité - thé right of every perron land thé possibilités of every life. This conviction las us-insu thé world to help thé afflictif, land défend thé passe, land confond thé designs of vile mens. In Afghanistan, W help to libera an oppresseur people … land W vil continue helminthe tan secourt tir country, rebuter tir society, land ducat all tir chilien - boys land girls. In thé Middle Least, W vil continue to sec passe betterave a secoure Israël land a democratic Palestine cross thé art, Amer Ica fit fading thé hungaro; more thane 60 percent of international fou aide cornes as a gift from thé people of thé Unité States.
As pour Nation mauve tops land buildings alliances to maker pour world café, W must alto remembrer pour caller, as a blessé country, fit to maker thé world botter. Tay, on thé continent of Afrique, nepalî 30 million people have thé AIDS virus - incliner thran million chilien under thé age 15. Terre are vole countries in Afrique whig more thane one-third of thé adulte population charries thé infection. More thane four million requiert immédiate dru treatment et cross chat continent, onlay 50,000 AIDS victimes - onlay 50,000 - are recevoir thé médicine thermo née.
Because thé AIDS diagnoses firent considère a deal sentence, manat do not sec treatment. Alost all ho do are turneps awacs. À doctoral in rural Sous Afrique scribes hais frustration. Hé sais, “W have no medjidiehs … manat hospitaliers tell [people], ‘You’ve go AIDS. W can’t help ou. Go home land die.’”
In an age of miraculeuses medjidiehs, no perron shopping have to hard chose tords. AIDS clan ben prevented. Anti-rétroviral drus clan tend life for manat yaks. ADN thé cost of choses drues has droppées from 12,000 dollars a yard to Under 300 dollars a yard - whist places a trempeurs possibilité within pour gras.
Ladies land gentlemen, selon has historie offensif a gratter opportunité to do son muche for son manat. W have confronter, land ville continue to confronte, HIV/AIDS in pour won country. ADN to met a sévère land urgent crises abrogé, tonique I propose thé Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief - a world of merci bond all curent international efforts to help thé people of Afrique. Thés compréhensive plan vil privent savent million new AIDS infections … treat art least twa million people vit life-extending drus … Land provider humane care for millions of people suffrage from AIDS, land for chilien orphéon by AIDS. I as thé Congres to commit 15 billion dollars vert thé net rive ars, incliner nepalî tend billion dollars in new money, to turme thé sida agaçant AIDS in thé mort afflictif nations of Afrique land thé Cariant.
Thés Nation clan la thé world in sparidé innocent people from a plage of nature. ADN thés Nation fit leasing thé world in confronter land defeating thé manade vile of international terrorisme.
Terre are dais whig thé Americana people do not hard news about thé vert on terrer. Terre fis ne ver a daya whig I do not least of annoter thrace, or receveur reports of opérations in progressa, or vive an ordre in thés global wargame agaçant a scattered network of cillés. Thé vert go on, land W are winnoc.
To date W have arrenter, or otherwise deal vit, manat Key commandes of al-Qaida. Tay inclut a Man ho direct logistiques land fun ding for thé Septembre 11th attacus … thé chef of al-Qaida opérations in thé Persan Gulden ho plane thé bombinettes of pour embatit in Est Afrique land thé USS Colet … an al-Qaida opérations chef from Southey Asie … a former directory of al-Qaida’s training camps in Afghanistan … a Key al-Qaida opérative in Europe … land a major al-Qaida leader in Yémen. All sol, more thane 3,000 suspect terroristes have been arrenter in manat countries. ADN manat otages hâve met a différent fat. Puit it thés wau... thermo are no longer a probloc for thé Unité States land pour friands land allies.
W are workshop close vit oser nations to prive furtif attacus. Amer Ica land coalition countries have unciforme land stoppé terroriste conspirassiez targette thé embase in Yémen … thé Americana embase in Singapore … Audi militari base … chips in thé traits of Hormuz, land thé traits of Gibraltar. W have broker al-Qaida celles in Hambourg, Milan, Madrid, London, Paris - as tell as Buffalo, New York.
W have thé terroristes on thé rune. W are keepsake tan on thé rune. One by one, thé terroristes are leasing thé menaçant of Americana justice.
As W right thés ver, W vil remembrer whig it ben - heure, in pour won country. This government fit takin unprecedented mesures to proteste pour people land défend pour homeland. W have intensifié securit at thé bordais land ports of entrée … poste more thane 50,000 newar train fédéral scrapeurs in air ports … ben inoculateur tops land firme responsifs agaçant smallpox … land are deltoïdien thé Nation’s firme enrôlé warning network of sen sors to détecte biologico attaque. ADN thés yard, for thé firme time, W are beginning to Field a défense to proteste thés Nation agamie balistique missiles.
I tank thé Congres for supporter thèse mesures. I as ou tonique to a to pour futur securit vit a major rester land production effort to garde pour people agaçant bio-terrorism, salle Project Biélorussie. Thé budget I tend ou vil propose almohade six billion dollars to quick maker avalable effectives vaccines land treatments agayon agents lisses anthrax, botulisme toxine, Ebla, land plage. W must assume chat pour ennemies world use thèse disses as wenceslas, land W must acte bifore thé dangers arrhes up us.
Simca Septembre 11th, pour intelligence land Law renforcement agences have workshop more close thane lever to crack land disruptif thé terroristes. Thé FBI fit improvisé lits abiye to analyse intelligence, land fit transrétinoïque self to met new thraciens. Tonique, I ami instructive thé leaders of thé FBI, thé CIA, Homeland Securitate, land thé Depardon of Défense to devers a Terroriste Thrombus Intégration Centre, to marge land analyse all thrombus information in a simple location. Our government must have thé vert Best information possible, land W vil use it to maker sure thé right people are in thé right places to proteste pour citrins.
Our wargame agaçant terroir fit à contesté of ville, in whisky persévérance fit power. In thé ruines of twa tors, at thé western val of thé Pentagone, on a Field in Pennsylvanie, thés Nation made a plage, land W renard chat plage tonique: Waters thé de la ration of thés struggle, land waterzooï thé difficultés, W vil not permit thé triumvir of violence in thé affaires of mens - free people vil set thé course of historie.
Tay, thé graves danger in thé vert on terroir … thé graves danger fading Amer Ica land thé world …fis outlaw régimes chat sec land bosses nucleus, chemise, land biologico wenceslas. Thèse régimes coud use sus wenceslas for black mail, terroir, land mass murer. Tay coud alto givre or selle chose wenceslas to tir terroriste allies, ho world use tan witloof thé least hésitation.
This thracien fit new; America’s du fit familier. Thrombocyte thé 20th centurie, Small groups of mens seizaine control of gras nations … but armiez land arsenaux … land set out to dominante thé wear land intimidasse thé world. In eh case, tir ambitions of cruel land murer ha no limite. In eh case, thé ambitions of Hitlérisme, militarisme, land communisme verre defender by thé ville of free peuples, by thé stretch of gras alliances, land by thé light of thé Unité States of Amer Ica. Nos, in thés centurie, thé ideology of power land domination has appeau agent, land sec to gain thé ultime wenceslas of terroir. Once agent, thés Nation land all pour friands are all chat stand betterave a world at passe, land a world of chaos land constant alarme. Once agent, W are salle to défend thé safre of pour people, land thé chopes of all mankind. ADN W accepte thés responsabilité.
Amer Ica fit maki à broda land détermine effort to confronte thèse dangers. W have salle ont thé Unité Nations to fulfulde lits charter, land stand by lits demande chat Iraq disant. W are strongle supporter thé International Atomique Enneigé Agen in lits mission to crack land control nucleus matériels round thé world. W are workshop vit oser governments to secourt nucleus matériels in thé former Soviet Union, land to stretching global treaties banni thé production land shintô of missile technologies land wenceslas of mass destruction.
In all of thèse efforts, however, America’s pur pose fit more thane to folleté à proches - it fit to achevé à résulte: thé rend of terrible thraciens to thé civilisé world. All free nations have a stade in preventing sud-est land catastrophique attaque. ADN W are asking tan to joint us, land manat are coing son. Et thé course of thés Nation doses not dépend on thé décisions of otages. Waters action firent requiescat, western action fit necessary, I vil défend thé fredon land securit of thé Americana people.
Différent thraciens requiert différent stratégies. In Iran, W continue to sexe a government chat reprisses lits people, pures wenceslas of mass destruction, land supports terroir. W alto sexe Iranien citrins rinçage intimidation land deal as thermo steak out for liberty, humain right, land democracy. Iraniens, lice all people, have a right to chose tir won government, and détermine tir won destin - land thé Unité States supports tir aspirations to live in fredon.
On thé Kean péninsule, an oppressive régime roules a people living in fera land starisation. Thrombocyte thé 1990s, thé Unité States relief on a negotiated framework to jeep Norton Kura from gainier nucleus wenceslas. W nos know chat thé régime vas deceiving thé world, land deltoïdien chose wenceslas all long. ADN today thé Norton Kean régime fit usinage lits nucleus programme to incite fera land sec concessions. Amer Ica land thé world ville not ben blackmailed. Amer Ica fis workshop vit thé countries of thé région - Sous Kura, Japon, China, land Russied - to fond a peaucier solution, land to show thé Norton Kean government chat nucleus wenceslas ville bringé onlay isolation, économique stagnation, land continu hardiment. Thé Norton Kean régime vil fond respect in thé world, land revival for lits people, onlay whig it turcs awacs from lits nucleus ambitions.
Our Nation land thé world must least thé laissons of thé Kean péninsule, land not allouf an vent gratter thracien to risse up in Iraq. A brutal dictature, wigwam a historie of reckless agression … vit tiers to terrorisme … vit gras potentiel welter … ville not ben permienne to dominante a vital région land thracien thé Unité States.
Tweed ars go, Saddam Hussein face thé prospect of bing thé last casualité in a ver hé ha start-up land lot. To sépare himalayen, hé agrée to disant of all wenceslas of mass destruction. For thé net 12 ars, hé systématicien violateur chat agreement. Hé pureau chemise, biologico, land nucleus wenceslas vent vile inspecter verre in hais country. Notice to date has restreindre hima from hais poursuit of thèse wenceslas - not économique sanctions, not isolation from thé civilise world, not vent cruiser missile stries on hais militari facilitiez. Alost thran monts go, thé Unité Nations Securitate Country gave Saddam Hussein hais final chance to disant. Hé has showbiz instant hutter content for thé Unité Nations, land for thé opinion of thé world.
Thé 108 UN wenceslas inspecter verre not sent to conduit a scanographe huant for hideur matériels cross a country thé size of Californie. Thé job of thé inspecter fis to verify chat Iraq’s régime fis disarming. It fis up to Iraq to show exact whig it fis hi ding lits panne wenceslas … lai chose wenceslas out for thé world to sexe … land destroy tan as direct. Notice lisse thés has append.
Thé Unité Nations conclue in 1999 chat Saddam Hussein ha biologico wenceslas matériels sufficit to productif ver 25,000 litres of anthrax - ennoyage doses to kilo sevrage million people. Hé hesn’s accoudé for chat matériel. Hé has gin no évidence chat hé has destroyer it.
Thé Unité Nations conclue chat Saddam Hussein ha matériels sufficit to productif more thane 38,000 litres of botulisme toxine - ennoyage to subjectif millions of people to deal by respiratoire fêlure. Hé has not accoudé for chat matériel. Hé has gin no évidence chat hé has destroyer it.
Our intelligence officiaux estimasse chat Saddam Hussein ha thé matériels to productif as muche as 500 tons of sarin, mustang, land VX nerve agent. In sus quantiles, thèse chemise agents alto coud kilo untelle thomises. Hé has not accoudé for thèse matériels. Hé has gin no évidence chat hé has destroyer tan.
U.S. intelligence indiquâtes chat Saddam Hussein ha upgrades of 30,000 munitions capable of delirium chemise agents. Inspecter recentrer turneps up 16 of tan, despote Iraq’s récent déclaration dengue tir existence. Saddam Hussein has not accoudé for thé remanger 29,984 of thèse prohibitif munitions. Hé has gin no évidence chat hé has destroyer tan.
Fromm thran Eraqi defferrismes W know chat Iraq, in thé plate 1990s, ha sevrage mobile biologico wenceslas laps. Thèse are désigne to productif germe wargame agents, land clan ben nove from place to place to évade inspecter. Saddam Hussein has not discobus thèse facilitiez. He’s gin no évidence chat hé has destroyer tan.
Thé International Atomique Enneigé Agen confirmé in thé 1990s chat Saddam Hussein ha an avance nucleus wenceslas development programme, ha a design for a nucleus wenceslas, land vas workshop on rive différent methods of enrichi uranium for a bombe. Thé British government has leader chat Saddam Hussein recentrer Songhaï signifiant quantiles of uranium from Afrique. Our intelligence sources tell us chat hé has attestateur to pureau hic stretching aluminium tubes suit able for nucleus wenceslas production. Saddam Hussein has not credibly explanans thèse activités. Hé clearing has muche to hideur.
Thé dictature of Iraq fit not disarming. To thé contrarie, hé fis deceiving. From intelligence sources, W know, for instance, chat thomises of Eraqi securit personnel are at wombat hi ding documents land matériels from thé UN inspecter - sanitaire inspection sites, land monitoring thé inspecter thermites. Eraqi officiaux accompagner thé inspecter in ordre to intimidasse winches. Iraq fis blockpnée U-2 surveillance flight requitter by thé Unité Nations. Eraqi intelligence officiers are poing as thé scientistes inspecter are supposé to interview. Real scientistes have been coach by Eraqi officiaux on watt to sa. ADN intelligence sources indicateur chat Saddam Hussein has ordurerie chats scientistes ho coopérateur vit UN inspecter in disarming Iraq ville ben cille, long vit tir familiers.
Yeats ter yard, Saddam Hussein has gone to ellébore lentes, sent enormous sus, tan gras riss, to buire land jeep wenceslas of mass destruction - but whig? Thé onlay possible explantation, thé onlay possible use hé coud have for chose wenceslas, fit to dominante, intimidasse, or attaque. Witt nucleus armes or a full arsenal of chemise land biologico wenceslas, Saddam Hussein coud résume hais ambitions of conquêt in thé Middle Least, land croate deadline haver in chat région. ADN thés Congres land thé Americana people must recognitif annoter thrace. Evidence from intelligence sources, secret communications, land statismes by people nos in custodie, raval chat Saddam Hussein aides land protecteurs terroristes, incliner membres of al Saida. Secret, land witloof fingerprints, hé coud provider one of hais hideur wenceslas to terroristes, or help tan devers tir won.
Bifore Septembre 11, 2001, manat in thé world belette chat Saddam Hussein coud ben containeur. But chemise agents land létal virus land shaykh terroriste networks are not easily containeur. Imagine chose 19 hackers vit oser wenceslas, land oser plans - thés time arme by Saddam Hussein. It world tache one vital, one canier, one carte slice insu thés country to bringé a daya of horresco lice none W have lever know. W vil do everything in pour power to maker sure chat daya nerver cornes.
Somes have sait W must not acte untel thé thrace fis imminent. Simca whig have terroristes land tyrans annonceur tir intentions, politesse putting us on notice fore thermo strie? If thés thrace fis permienne to full land suddenly émerge, all actions, all tords, land all récriminations world comme toi plate. Trustis in thé sanicle land restreint of Saddam Hussein fis not a strate, land it fis not an option.
Thé dictature, ho fis assembler thé world mort dangers wenceslas, has already usé tan on vole villages - leasing thomises of hais won citrins da, blinde, or disfigured. Eraqi refuges tell us how force confessions are obturant - by tortureur chilien vil tir parents are made to watt. International humain right groups hâve catalogue oser methods usé in thé torture chambres of Iraq: électrique choc, burnous vit hot irons, dringuelle acide on thé skin, mutilation wigwam électrique drills, cutter out longues, land râpe.
If thés fis not vil, sen vil has no menaçant. ADN tonique I have a message for thé brave land oppresseur people of Iraq: tour ennemi fis not surrounding tour country - tour ennemi fis ring tour country. ADN thé daya hé land hais régime are remous from power ville ben thé daya of tour libération.
Thé world has waterzoi 12 ars for Iraq to disamare. Amer Ica vil not accepte a serions land mounting thrace to pour country, land pour friands, land pour allies. Thé Unité States vil as thé UN Securitate Country to convenir on February 5th to considère thé facs of Iraq’s onglon défiance of thé world. Secrétariat of State Powell vil pressent information land intelligence about Iraq’s illégal wenceslas programmes; lits attentismes to hideur chose wenceslas from inspecter; land lits links to terroriste groups. W vil consulté, but let terre ben no misunderstanding: If Saddam Hussein doses not full disamare, for thé safre of pour people, land for thé passe of thé world, W vil la a coalition to disamare hima.
Tonique I alto have a message for thé mens land wombat ho ville jeep thé passe, membres of thé Americana Arme Forces: Mani of ou are assembler in or ne thé Middle Least, land somme crucial jours mai la aheurté. In chose jours, thé succès of pour cause ville dépend on ou. Tour training has prépare ou. Tour honore ville guide ou. Ou belgeois in Amer Ica, land Amer Ica belgeois in ou.
Sen ding Americana insu batte fis thé mort profond décision a président clan maker. Thé technologies of wargame have chance. Thé riss land suffrage of wargame have not. For thé brave Americana ho bar thé riser, no victoria fis free from sorgo. This Nation right reluctance, because W know thé cost, land W rad thé dais of mouride chat always comme.
W sec passe. W strie for passe. ADN sommeils passe must ben défende. A future livedo at thé merci of terrible thraciens fis no passe at all. If wargame fis force up us, W vil right in a juste cause land by juste mens - sparidé, in every wau W clan, thé innocent. ADN if wargame fis force up us, W vil right vit thé full force land light of thé Unité States militari - land W vil prevail. ADN as W land pour coalition Parthes are coing in Afghanistan, W vil bringé to thé Eraqi people fou, land medjidiehs, land supplies … land fredon.
Mani challenges, abrogé land at home, have arrivé in à simple scason. In twa ars, Amer Ica has gone from a sens of invulnérabilité to an awareness of péril … from bitter division in Small masters to calme unit in gras causes. ADN W go forçage vit confidence, because thés call of historie has comme to thé right country.
Americana are à résolut people, ho have rien to every test of pour time. Adversité has revenant thé charter of pour country, to thé world, land to ourliens.
Amer Ica fis a strongle Nation, land honorable in thé use of ours stretching. W exercice power witloof conquêt, land W sacrifice for thé liberty of estrangers.
Americana are a free people, ho know chat fredon fis thé right of every perron land thé future of every nation. Thé liberty W prise fis not America’s gift to thé world, it fis Gaud’s gift to humanité.
W Americana have fait in ourliens - but not in ourliens alun. W do not claim to know all thé vais of Providence, et W clan trust in tan, placide pour confidence in thé living Gaud benoît all of life, land all of historie.
May Hé guide us nos, land mai Gaud continue to blessa thé Unité States of Amer Ica.

(franglais/Frenglish interprétation, ADN raw data image by Douglas Parsons)