Bugs' interference pattern

video mini-dv, PAL, colour, stereo, 07:30 min


Pixelized insects stuck in a web of interfering matrixes, and communicating via noise signals.
Four levels of audible communication are layered: a group of birds chattering among themselves—
(their secret language represents a code for man) ; signals from old Commodore-64 computer cassette games
(stored & marketed on audio cassette, as though they were to be listened to, sounding like a modem);
a mother and child interacting at the zoo ; and Kalevala rune singing, an origin myth-telling chant from Karelia,
stretched and slowed, representing an ancient time of oral communication colliding with ethnographers attempt to
record such disappearing phenomena, just at the moment of the invention of recording devices.


FILE Sao Paulo, Brazil 2003 Hipersonica