Series of untitled stills from the video “W” , 2006

“W” symbolizes the endless fold , and is the name given to a musical score created by the contemporary composer and musician Katharina Klement, dedicated to, and in collaboration with, the flutist Angélica Castelló. The score is inspired by the ideas in Gilles Deleuze's book The Fold: Leibniz and the Baroque .   In 2006 I was invited by Klement & Castelló to create a video work for a live performance of “W” , at the Echoraum in Vienna. The images here are from a series of 20 stills extracted from that video work, on the ideas of the endless fold , and the erasing of the distinction between inside and outside , between the upper tier (the soul) and lower tier (the body) , between spirit and matter .

screening: 1+1, Echoraum, Vienna